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Travel by plane to Iași:

Iaşi Airport (IAS) is one of the oldest accredited airports in Romania and even though it is small, it is served by several airlines such as Tarom (flying internally from Bucharest, and internationally from Britain, Israel and Italy), and Austrian Airlines (flying from Vienna). There are also charter flights that depart/arrive from/in Iasi.
The airport is about 8km from the city center. Transportation to the city is by bus (line 50) or taxi. The bus stop is in front of the terminal, and a trip costs 2 RON. A metered taxi to the center of Iaşi should cost no more than about RON 15–20. Most city taxis have meters. You should pay attention if they use it or not—it's not unheard of for them to try and get away with charging upwards of €10. The metered rate is 2 RON per kilometer outside city limits and 1.8 RON per kilometer inside them.
If arriving from another country, bear in mind that there are no currency exchange outlets at Iaşi airport. There is an ATM outside the building. Since taxi drivers accept RON, not euro or other currencies, you will need to be able to withdraw money from this ATM or arrive in Iaşi with RON.

Travel by train to Iași:
The connections to Iaşi from Bucharest, the national capital, and with other counties in Romania are good and reliable. You can also take direct trains from Budapest, which is well linked to Western Europe. A train ticket from Iaşi to Bucharest costs around €20 when using the most expensive and luxurious option, the inter-city. One of the landmarks of town, the railway station, also known as the "Palace of Railway Station" will welcome you to Iaşi when arriving by train. The railway station building is 133 meters long and has 113 rooms, with a real palace in the center, a partial replica of the loggia from the Doge’s Palace in Venice. The palace was built by an Austrian company lead by Victor von Ofenheim and is the biggest one in Moldavia. The railway station is very close to the center of the town and to the Tourism Information Centre (10 minutes of walking).

Travel by car to Iași:

There are several possibilities to reach Iaşi from all over the country on national roads. Recently these roads have been improved and are not blocked by traffic jams. A drive from Bucharest usually takes five to six hours.
If you don’t have neither a map of Romania downloaded from the internet, nor a GPS, the best thing to do is to buy one from any gas station. Although the situation has been steadily improving, it is crucial to have a map in order to reach Iasi from Bucharest without having to stop and ask for directions. The locals know which turns to take — there aren't many, but they are not marked with large arrows as they are in the United States.

Travel by bus to Iași:

Romania is criss-crossed by many mini buses, sometimes called maxi taxi. They are faster than the trains, and can be taken directly from the international airport in Bucharest.
In Iaşi, there are two main bus stations: West Station (Autogara Vest) and Vama Veche Station (Codreanu). The latter one is situated in front of the railway station. From there, buses go all over Romania, as well as abroad.
There are regular bus connections with Chisinau in Moldovia. The bus departs from Gara De Sud in Chisinau ends in main bus station in Iaşi. The trip take around 4-5 hours, including the stop at the tax free shop between the border controls. 170 MDL (fixed price, Sep 2019)


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