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Keynote speakers

As we gear up for the 7th FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting (7YSEM), we are excited to highlight the crucial role of our key speakers. These distinguished experts, who will be announced soon, bring unparalleled insights and inspiration to our event.

Keynote speakers are instrumental in driving the success of our conference. They offer:

Inspiration: Sharing their journeys and achievements, our keynote speakers motivate young surveyors to pursue excellence and innovation.

Knowledge Sharing: With deep expertise, they provide cutting-edge information on the latest trends and advancements in the surveying field.

Networking: Attendees have the opportunity to connect with these leaders, fostering professional relationships and mentorship.

Thought Leadership: They shape discussions on current and future challenges, guiding attendees to think critically and creatively.

Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements revealing the lineup of esteemed key speakers who will lead us through "Building Together: Surveyors Leading Tomorrow's Challenges."

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