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Mircea Afrăsinei
President of
Romanian Surveyors Union

Prof. dr. eng.
Dan Cașcaval
Rector of the "Gheorghe Asachi"
Technical University of Iași

Assoc. Professor PhD. eng.
Nicolae Marcoie
Dean of the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering

Dear Guests,

The Romanian Surveyors Union together with the "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering announces the organization of the third edition of the Romanian Surveying Week, which will include the international scientific symposium GEOMAT 2022.

This year, at the 9th edition of the GEOMAT symposium, the main theme of the debates will be Geospatial Data Management for Built Environment, including transport infrastructure, technical and civil utility networks, but also the urban space of residential, commercial, administrative, cultural or logistic-industrial buildings.

Romania is undergoing an accelerated process of development, modernization and rehabilitation of transport infrastructure. Whether we are talking about road, rail, air or maritime transport infrastructure, the role of surveying professionals is essential in the collection and proper management of spatial data using modern methods, which provide the basis for the digitalization of activities in this field. The Romanian Surveying Week aims to create the basis for constructive meetings and discussions between professionals in the field of spatial data collection and management and those in the field of transport infrastructure, organizing round tables and technical sessions dedicated to this topic with an important focus on road and rail.

There will also be debates on how to implement and apply the National Program for Cadastre and Land Registry (PNCCF), the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (ANCPI) being one of the most important partners in the organization and implementation of this scientific event.

The Romanian Surveying Week, the most important event of the Romanian surveying community, together with the traditional GEOMAT symposium, will take place this year between 15-19 November 2022, in the Congress Hall Palace Iasi. The program of the event and other organizational details can be found at the following web addresses:

http://www.geomat.ro and https://sgr.ugr.ro/.

Hoping you will accept our invitation, we thank you and look forward to seeing you in November in Iasi!

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Loredana Crenganis

We would like to welcome you this year to "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi at the 9th edition of the GEOMAT - 2022 International Symposium with a new theme in the field of Geospatial Data Management for Built Environment. The symposium will better highlight the importance of using spatial reference data in modern society and, in particular, in the field of 3D virtual information system. From roads to water and from electricity to cities, the professionals in the spatial data collection and management field are essential in modelling the Built Environment. Due to the fact that Romania is in the full process of modernizing its transport infrastructure, this year, GEOMAT will give special attention to the role of data management applications for roads and railways. Our community aims to find solutions for a more efficient, clean, and safer transport infrastructure. The symposium reflects GEOMAT's motto "Inspiration for a smarter world" by accepting current and future-oriented topics. We wish you a pleasant meeting, good conversations, and many moments of inspiration in Iasi, the historical Capital of Romania!

Loredana CRENGANIȘ, Lecturer PhD. eng.
Secretary General of the GEOMAT International Symposium
Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering

Mircea Afrasinei

"Romanian Geodesy Week", the most important event of the professional community in the field of geodesy organized by the Romanian Association of Surveyors, will take place this fall in the city of Iasi. The event will include the International Symposium "GEOMAT" organized by "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi. New and fresh ideas in the field of geodesy, modern methods of acquisition and processing of geospatial data, along with their integration into databases will be topics of maximum interest not only to all those working in the field, but also for those who need specialists in this particular field. Join the event and you will not leave empty-handed, but with solutions to your problems.

Mircea AFRĂSINEI, Eng.
President of Romanian Surveyors Union

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