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Cluj-Napoca, an ancient Roman City in the heart of Transylvania, has become the economic and cultural capital of Transylvania (North-West Romania, see details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluj-Napoca).

Silent medieval streets and walls, full of history and hospitable people await you to enjoy Cluj-Napoca monuments, churches and schools or universities. Discover the famous Transylvanian landscape, tradition as well calm and reflexive mind of people. Come and explore all the ancient and modern beauties and opportunities!

More information about Cluj-Napoca are available here https://cluj.com/

Details about different touristic attractions in Cluj-Napoca may be found at: Visit Cluj

Cluj-Napoca hosts a number of cultural festivals of various types. These occur throughout the year, though are more frequent in the summer months.

Most important festivals in Cluj-Napoca are:

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