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Located only 13 km from the western border of Romania, Oradea, is an important communications hub and a great starting point for exploring Romania, easily accessible by car, train, bus or plane. Oradea is one of the most important economic, social and cultural centers in the western part of Romania. Nestled between hills on the Crișana plain, on the banks of the river Crișul Repede, that divides the city into almost equal halves, Oradea ranks tenth in size among Romanian cities.

Oradea, the seat of Bihor County, has a particular architectural style, with many sights and places that turns it into a tourist destination, but also a transit one, due to its strategic location.

On entering the city, tourists are greeted by Art Nouveau architecture, which empowered Oradea to join the list of prestigious Art Nouveau cities in the international circuit. The most representative buildings in secession style houses are Ulman Palace, Casa Vago, Palazzo Stern and many others that we invite you to discover.

The most important buildings rich in architecture can be admired on foot through the pedestrian plaza city center’s newly designed and equipped with all the necessities of modern tourists: WI-FI, seats that invite tourists to rest and lampposts which offer a special sparkle to every evening walk.

First documented in 1113, under the Latin name Varadinum, the city was administered at various times by the Principality of Transylvania, the Ottoman Empire, and the Habsburg Monarchy.

In 1598, the Oradea fortress was besieged and, on August 27, 1660, it fell to the Ottoman raids, only to be seized in 1692 by the Austrians. https://romaniatourism.com/oradea.html.

Băile Felix is a thermal spa resort near the commune of Sânmartin in Bihor County, Transylvania, Romania. Băile Felix is at a close distance to Oradea, a major city in western Romania.

Established in the 18th century, Baile Felix is currently Romania's largest health resort, open year-round. The thermal waters found here, very rich in oligominerals, are supplemented by sapropelic mud. This natural combination has proven helpful in easing the effects of rheumatism and some paralysis, as well as gynecological afflictions and nervous disorders. https://romaniatourism.com/spa-romania-baile-felix.html.

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