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Brașov, one of the largest city of Romania, is located in the Transylvania region, in the central part of the country. The city was was first attested in 1252 under the Latin name Corona or the German name Kronstadt, which means "Crown City", both names being reflected in the city's coat of arms.

On the Tampa Mountain, there was a citadel called Brassovia, later giving the Romanian name of the city. The city is notable for being the regional capital of the Transylvanian Saxons of the Burzenland (Țara Bârsei) administrative area in the past, and a large commercial hub on the trade roads between East and West. It is also the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania.


Due to its location, Brașov is a good starting point for trips around the country. The city also benefits from a winter tourism season centered on winter sports and other activities, in the nearby very popular resort of Poiana Brașov.

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Brașov hosts a number of cultural festivals of various types. These occur throughout the year, though are more frequent in the summer months.

Most important festivals in Brașov are:

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