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The FIG Young Surveyors Network with CLGE Representative of Young Surveyors and Romanian Surveyor Union - Young Commission is holding its 7th FIG YOUNG SURVEYORS EUROPEAN MEETING (7YSEM) on the 23rd and 24th of October, 2024 in person, hosted by the Romanian Surveyor Union, in connection with the SGR and GeoPreVi 2024, 23 - 26 October, 2024.

Description of the theme:

The theme of the event, "Building Together: Surveyors Leading Tomorrow's Challenges," was decided in accordance with the overarching themes of GeoPreVi's main event, "Geodetic Engineering at the Service of the Community,", the CLGE Theme of the Year 2024: "Skills for Tomorrow: Are We Ready?" and the current FIG Council vision of “Serving society, benefitting people and the planet: Tackling the Global Challenges.” This decision was made in recognition of the current situation facing young surveyors across Europe.
The events are unfolding with a speed never experienced before. We must adapt and rise to meet the challenges of tomorrow. To do so, we must come together, united in our efforts to build a strong and cohesive community. The key to success lies in nurturing an organic community that moves swiftly towards future challenges. As we navigate these uncertain times, let us forge ahead with determination and resilience, ready to confront whatever lies ahead.


The FIG Young Surveyor European Meeting (YSEM) stands as a notable event within the surveying and geospatial sciences arena, emphasizing the advancement of professional development and networking prospects for young surveyors across Europe. This gathering typically attracts a diverse array of attendees, including young professionals, students, and researchers who share a fervent interest in surveying, geomatics, and related fields. Notably, YSEM extends a warm welcome to individuals from all corners of the globe, fostering a rich tapestry of perspectives, experiences, and expertise. By embracing participants from various.
The FIG Young Surveyors Network was established as the Working Group 1.2: Young Surveyors Working Group of FIG Commission 1 at the XXIII FIG Congress (2006) held in Munich, Germany. The Young Surveyors Working Group was later upgraded to the Young Surveyors Network during the 2009 FIG Working Week in Eilat, Israel. The network was established with the main aim to create an environment that encourages the active participation of young surveyors in the work of FIG, as well as its 10 commissions.

The network has created an environment for young surveyors from different cultures, with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences from all over the globe to come together and learn from each other towards the sustenance of the surveying profession. The network has held many meetings, workshops, and conferences all over the world. These have been done in conjunction and/or with the support of leading bodies such the UN-Habitat, the World Bank, CLGE, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation. Our cooperation with these bodies continues to amplify the voices of young surveyors, showing that the future of our planet, Our Common Future, lies in the hands of our generation as we Volunteer for the Future. (more info can be found at: https://fig.net/organisation/networks/ys/).

Romanian Surveyor Union Young Commission:

As the Young Commission of the Romanian Surveyor Union (UGR), we are a passionate and dynamic group of students and young professionals. Our collective purpose is to be proactive agents of change in the surveying profession, actively contributing to the evolution and advancement of our field.

Our projects and activities cover a wide range of areas:

  • ● scholarship to attend events as SGR
  • ● workshops
  • ● contests
  • ● networking
  • ● taking part in international events
  • ● raise awareness about our profession
  • ● and many more…

Our vision is to establish a robust network that serves as a guiding light for the new generation. We are committed to providing guidance, support, and opportunities to empower emerging talent, enabling them to thrive and shape the future of our profession. ( more info can be found at: https://www.ugr.ro/ ).

Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) :

The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors is the leading association representing the Surveying Profession in Europe. Our mission is to unite the European geodetic surveyors, working in Europe, into a permanent forum, including a commitment towards the continued professional development.

Our member countries are in cooperation to exchange knowledge and expertise on various matters including professional practice, standards, academic and organizational topics. We work towards maintenance and enhancement of professional qualifications. This forum also addresses contemporary challenges faced by the geodetic community. We strongly encourage the role of surveyors in global issues and decision-making.

CLGE has a strong focus on the development of the students and young surveyors in Europe, leveraging collaboration and encouraging geodetic education. Among our initiatives is an annual contest for Students and Young Surveyors at the prominence of Geodesy, Surveying, Cadastre, Cartography, Earth Observations and GIS within Europe. (more info can be found at: https://www.clge.eu/).

Organizing Commitee:

  • - Shirley Chapunza (Zimbabwe) – Chair, FIG Young Surveyors Network
  • - Iaroslav Zifceac (Romania) – President of Romanian Surveyor Union - Young Commission
  • - Marineli Dancheva (Bulgaria) - Representative of Young Surveyors to the CLGE Executive-Board

Preparation of the Program:

  • - Angela Anyakora - Vice - chair, FIG Young Surveyors Network
  • - Charles Atakora - FIG Young Surveyors Network

Communication and Social Media:

  • - Diana Chiriloiu - Member of Romanian Surveyor Union - Young Commission
  • - Sutoidem Theophilus - FIG Young Surveyors Network

Logistic and Registration:

  • - Silviu Cristian Răducu - Vicepresident of Romanian Surveyor Union - Young Commission
  • - Bitu Cristina - Member of Romanian Surveyor Union - Young Commission

Finance and Sponsors:

  • - Nap Mircea - Vicepresident of Romanian Surveyor Union - Young Commission
  • - Rindert Vos - FIG Young Surveyors Network

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